Alexius I Comnenus BI Aspron Trachy. Ch. VF. 1081-1118 AD. Constantinople.

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Alexius I Comnenus (AD 1081-1118). BI aspron trachy (28mm, 4.09 gm, 6h). Choice VF. Constantinople, after ca. AD 1092. Christ seated facing on throne with square back, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, right hand raised in benediction, book of Gospels in left; IC-XC (barred) across fields, double border / AΛEZIW ΔECΠ, bust of Alexius I facing, wearing crown with pendilia and jeweled chlamys decorated with eight pointed star on chest, cruciform scepter in right hand, globus cruciger in left; double border. Sear 1918.