About Me

My name is Joshua Addison and I've been an avid collector since the age of 7 when my grandmother gave me my first mercury dime. I'm also a bowyer, writer, and metal detectorist.  Having studied history, language, and political science at University I found a particular passion for the area of ancient history and classical studies. I devoured the texts of Homer, Xenophon, Virgil, and the other literary giants that strode our ancient past. Then one day I discovered that ancient numismatics was actually an accessible and relatively affordable hobby. To hold (and own!) an object that an Ancient held, carried about them, and used to pay for a krater of wine or passage on a ship was truly a thrill unlike any other. I was immediately enthralled, and my ancient collection began; however, I was also a bit overwhelmed with how to purchase ancient coins in a manner to ensure I wasn't getting duped. A "certificate of authenticity" is worth little more than the paper it comes on if the purveyor isn't of the highest possible repute. I opened this shop to hopefully help ease minds when taking the step into Numismatics and to interact with an absolutely fantastic community with open communication to help educate and learn from one another. Whether it's just a curious inquiry or a serious need, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to meet you and talk numismatics. As a fellow collector, I consider every customer a colleague and friend rather than a client.