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AXE 3D Hanging Gel Car Air Freshener (Phoenix Scent, 1 Pack)

AXE 3D Hanging Gel Car Air Freshener (Phoenix Scent, 1 Pack)

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AXE 3D Hanging Gel Car Air Freshener (Phoenix Scent . 1 Pack)

Ideal for hanging from your rear-view mirror . the scented discs bring a choice of six authentic fragrances to your ride. The scented disc's sophisticated design means it's perfect for making an understated style statement . helping you unleash your car's true attractiveness. Releasing scents gradually . the scented discs keep your wheels fresh every day.Now . the best AXE fragrances have been transformed into an enticing range of scented car air fresheners to keep your ride clean and cool! Developed in different formats including scented discs . mini vents . and gel cans . there's an AXE car air freshener that'll boost your confidence no matter what state your car is in! All are available in iconic AXE fragrances. Securely sealed for 100% protected freshness . each AXE car air freshener is perfectly infused to ensure slower . long-lasting scent release . so you and your ride stay fresher for longer! Our sealed car air fresheners offer a 100% invigorating scent every time . guaranteeing your favorite fragrance lasts longer. You're welcome!

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