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Great Value Eucalyptus & Sage Candle, 14 oz

Great Value Eucalyptus & Sage Candle, 14 oz

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Great Value Eucalyptus & Sage Scented Candle is highly fragranced and infused with essential oils to give you a refreshing mix of basil . spearmint and peppermint that highlights the cooling properties of eucalyptus. Sage and rosemary essential oils mingle to stimulate the senses while vanilla and amber bring soothing elements. This candle has unique multi-wick technology that creates a beautiful ambiance and more effectively diffuses fragrance. Enjoy this wonderfully scented candle that will give you the relaxing feeling of being at a spa at an affordable price. Experience the wonderful scent of Great Value Eucalyptus & Sage Scented Candle today.

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