NGC MS 3/5, 2/5 (photo-cert) Isaac II Angelos EL Aspron Trachy. 1185-1195AD. Virgin Mary/Emperor

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Isaac II Angelus (AD 1185-1195). EL aspron trachy (30mm, 4.06 gm, 6h). NGC (photo-certificate) MS 3/5 - 2/5, scratches, flan crack. Constantinople. Virgin Mary, nimbate, enthroned facing, holding nimbate head of infant Christ on lap; barred MHP (ligate)-TV across fields / ICAAKIOC, Isaac II (on left), standing facing, wearing crown with pendilia and jeweled chlamys, cruciform scepter in right hand, akakia in left, Archangel Michael (on right), standing facing, wearing nimbus cruciger and military attire, reaching up with right hand to crown Isaac with right hand, jeweled scepter in left; O in middle field between heads, XAXM in right field. Sear 2002.