NGC VF Datames (Tarkumuwa), as Satrap AR Stater. 385-362BC. Cilica,Tarsus.

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CILICIA. Tarsus. Datames (Tarkumuwa), as Satrap (ca. 385/4-362/1 BC). AR stater (22mm, 4h). NGC VF, light smoothing. Ca. 378-372 BC. B'LTRZ (Aramaic), Baaltars seated right, head and torso turned facing, legs draped, scipio aquila in right hand, grain ear and grape bunch in left; thymiaterion to right in background, all within crenelated wall / TRDMW (Aramaic), Ana (on left), nude, standing right, pointing with outstretched right arm toward satrap (on right), togate, standing facing, head left, right hand raised; thymiaterion between, all in dotted frame within linear frame, surmounted by crenelations. SNG France 2, 290-297.