NGC VF Macedon Under Rome, First Meris AR Tetradrachm. 167-148BC. Artemis/Club

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MACEDON UNDER ROME. First Meris. Ca. 167-148 BC. AR tetradrachm (30mm, 12h). NGC VF, edge marks, scuffs. Diademed, draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in the tondo of Macedonian shield / MAKEΔONΩN / ΠPΩTHΣ, club of Heracles right; ΣΗΑTΡ monogram above, TKP and MYEΩT monograms below; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt to left. SNG Copenhagen 1315. SNG Ashmolean 3299.

After Rome's conquest, Macedon was divided into four districts called "Merides" (singular "Meris"). This beautiful Tetradrachm was issued by the First Meris and retains the distinct Macedonian style found in the previous Monarchical coinage.