NGC VG, Pergamon, Attalos I AR Tetradrachm. 241-235 AD. In the name of Philetairos

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(28.5mm, 16.26 g, 11h). In the name of Philetairos. Pergamon mint. Struck circa 241-235 BC. Laureate head of Philetairos right / Athena enthroned left, resting on shield to right, crowning dynastic name to left; transverse spear in background, bee to outer left, [monogram to inner left], bow to right. Westermark Group VIA, obv. die CVII; SNG BN –; SNG von Aulock 1359. Toned, some find patina, roughness, a few cleaning marks, flan flaw on reverse.  Very rare and iconic coin, a must for any diadochi set.